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Magnetic filtration provides these advantages over traditional barrier filtration:

  • NO consumables used

  • Sub-micron filtration

  • Longer, more effective fluid life

  • Reduced part, tool and machinery wear

  • No back pressure

  • Removed contaminant can be recycled

  • No or very small ongoing running costs

Use magnetic filters to remove contaminants from: cutting fluid, oil, fuel, ink, cleaning solution, lubricant, coolant

Magnetic filtration – Automag magnetic filter demo video

Video of the the Automag magnetic filter demonstration rig, showing how effective magnetic filtration is at removing ferrous contamination. No disposable filter media is used.


In actual use, the released contamination would be diverted for recovery and possible recycling (here it is re-circulated for demonstration purposes).




High performance magnetic filter for higher flow, higher

contamination applications. 

Micromag Compact Magnetic Filter

Micromag Compact Magnetic Filter

Patent pending compact filtration units for the removal of ferrous and para-magnetic contamination, down to sub-micron size, from industrial fluids such as coolants, lubricants and oils. For longer life from your fluids, less wear on machine parts and increased product quality. No consumables required. Cleaned in under a minute.

Micromag High Pressure

Micromag High Pressure
High-pressure application version of Micromag. Stainless steel construction. Pressures up to 80 Bar g.



High power (11000 gauss!) magnetic filtration. Can be used on inline pressure feed lines as well as gravity systems. For use in high flow, high contamination applications.

The Filtramag will hold up to 6kg of debris before cleaning is required.

Beneficial to grinding, honing, lapping, boring and fine-detail machining.


Automag is a high intensity magnetic filter capable of removing sub-micron magnetic & para-magnetic particles from coolants, lubricants, oils, cleaners and other industrial fluids. The Automag is self-cleaning and can operate 24/7 without operator intervention.

The Automag is ideal for continuous operation applications where system downtime is unacceptable.

Automag Skid System

Automag Skid System

Self-contained, free-standing, magnetic filtration and fluid recovery system. Fully automated. Can by used inline or offline. Flow rates up to 900 litres/min.

Fuel Filtration

Fuel Filtration
Magnetic filtration for oil, petrol, diesel, bio-fuel and other fuels. High capacity filters for manufacturers, distributors, vendors.

Ink / Print Press Filtration

Ink / Print Press Filtration
Magnetic filtration for ink manufacturers and printers. Protect presses from the damage that contaminated ink can cause. Prevent the build up of contaminant on ceramic rollers that can have a detrimental affect on print quality.
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